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Wallpaper From The 70's
If you know me at all you know I have a serious obsession with vintage patterns, especially those of vintage wallpapers. Therefore, Wallpaper From The 70's is paradise to me. Wallpaper from the 70's is a reproduction company that sells gorgeous wallpapers that aren't vintage but might as well be. You have to check out their collection and my favorite part, the gallery (sample images below.) Wallpaper From The 70's is one of my favorite go-to places for inspiration. Can you blame me?

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  • At 2:29 PM, Anonymous linds said…

    You have some really neat finds on this site. You should do a "green pick" or "eco-friendly pick" of the week or something to show environmentally products, especially stuff made from recycled goods. Not too many sites have that niche of the craft world covered!

    Also, I see that you're new to blogger. Eventually you'll be invaded by comment spam. You should turn on blogger's word verification feature, and you'll end up with none of that stuff on your great site!

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