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Uh oh. I just discovered Omelet and now I want chickens and bunnies! So what's Omelet? It's a company that makes nicely designed eglus for chickens and bunnies. They even have a complete service that will deliver the eglu and chickens, ready to lay, direct to your house. They have two different eglus, one for rabbits and one for chickens. And both come in an array of colors. Omelet also sells a "run" that you can attach to the eglu that allows your bunny or chicken to run around without running away or getting eaten by mean things.

Omelet also has an interesting Breed Directory where you can browse the different breeds of chickens, rabbits, and ducks. The Netherland Dwarf is my favorite rabbit breed because they're the smallest. Hee hee. And below you can see an Orange Rex peeking around in his "run". So cute!
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