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Georgie Love!
Hooray for Australia! Hooray for handmade! Hooray for Georgie Love, the online store based in Australia that sells handmade wonders! When I was notified about Georgie Love and went to peruse the website I fell instantly in love. Georgie Love has something for everyone and with a variety of different "looks" from different artists, the shop has that eclectic appeal. I like that! Pictured above are just a few of my favorites but everything is lovely. Go check it out for yourself here. Enjoy!!

From Top to Bottom: Hand-Painted Jewellery Hanger (Bird on Green Blossom Design) by Leila & Pacquita; Myxo Mob - Felix Von Schnapps by Beck Wheeler; Happy Sunflower Bag by Margaret Lilley; Button Necklace 4 by Studio Chapiz; Sausage Dog Badges by Studio Chapiz
posted by Katey @ 7:42 AM  
  • At 5:44 PM, Anonymous modish said…

    wow, georgie love had some STRONG wavelengths flowin that day- we both wrote about them on the same day and picked the same jewelry hanger! And, someone commented on modish saying d*s had written about them too, and Grace had picked the same hanger, days earlier! Weird how we all wrote about the same thing around the same time in compeletey different ways, completely unaware of one another...Sometimes this universe freaks me out.

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