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Ah! Blogger Coding! I want my Typepad!
Yes I know this blog looks lopsided and deformed and the comments dont even work. That's because I don't know blogger and I dont have time to get to know blogger. And Typepad has spoiled me. I want my categories! I want my automatic google-map thingy, I want to host pictures with my blog, I want!

Typepad, very trustful Typepad, is looking VERY tempting right now. I just might have to move over there. Yes, move this blog AGAIN! I mean, I know Typepad very well. I've been using it for my other blog for three years without any problems. It's so easy! I'm just trying to figure out how to start a second blog on the same account or if that's even possible. And since Typepad does everything for you, and I'm so busy these days, it looks like Typepad is the way to go. It won't be a big deal moving over there except that this blog's address will change which is definitely annoying. But I know that once I'm there I'll stay there and I'll feel cozy and at home.

And it totally unrelated news, go check out these shoes designed by Eleanor Grosch. Ah! Cutest.
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