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I moved!
Ok I did it! That's Hot has moved to Typepad. Please update your links to our new home found here. :D
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Ah! Blogger Coding! I want my Typepad!
Yes I know this blog looks lopsided and deformed and the comments dont even work. That's because I don't know blogger and I dont have time to get to know blogger. And Typepad has spoiled me. I want my categories! I want my automatic google-map thingy, I want to host pictures with my blog, I want!

Typepad, very trustful Typepad, is looking VERY tempting right now. I just might have to move over there. Yes, move this blog AGAIN! I mean, I know Typepad very well. I've been using it for my other blog for three years without any problems. It's so easy! I'm just trying to figure out how to start a second blog on the same account or if that's even possible. And since Typepad does everything for you, and I'm so busy these days, it looks like Typepad is the way to go. It won't be a big deal moving over there except that this blog's address will change which is definitely annoying. But I know that once I'm there I'll stay there and I'll feel cozy and at home.

And it totally unrelated news, go check out these shoes designed by Eleanor Grosch. Ah! Cutest.
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More pet coolness. How awesome are these? Popoutz are little bird feeders made from recyclable plastic. They're packaged flat and "pop out" when you open them, ready to be filled with birdie food. They also come in different shapes and sizes. See them here.

via Design*Sponge, via NOTCOT
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Poketo now sells bags! Yep, that's right. Now you can get a bag to match your cool wallet. The bags look roomy and perfect for someone like me that likes to carry all of my possesions around. They're made of canvas and have bold graphics made by different artists. There are two sizes: small and large and come in black or natural. Some are totes and others are messengers. I'm really loving the one on the top right in the image above which features a graphic by Miki Amano. The top left is a tote with a graphic by Katharina Leuzinger. She also did the graphic on the bottom right tote (love her). Bottom Left: Messenger with graphic by PCP.

I love Poketo! They not only sell great products like these bags and their award-winning wallets (I don't know if they're really award-winning, but they should be.) and apparel but it's just a great source to find new artists. And the Poketo people (aka Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung) have great taste! I'm a fan.
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My Japan Obsession
Do you love Japan? Me too! I just wrote a post on my other blog, One Good Bumblebee, about some fun Japan blogs. Check it out here.
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Lille Hus
Get something pretty at Lille Hus, an online shop selling beautiful Scandinavian products like the Tea Light Holders and Hand-painted Canisters above. They put me in my happy place! Sigh.
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Hamster Castles!

I don't know what the deal is but today is all about cute animal homes. And it doesn't get much cuter than a pink (or blue) castle for your little hamster. Did you know I used to have a hamster named Hunkamunka? It's true. And she had a deformed hand. She would've liked to live in a pink castle. Who wouldn't? You can get one for your little lovefluff right here.
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Uh oh. I just discovered Omelet and now I want chickens and bunnies! So what's Omelet? It's a company that makes nicely designed eglus for chickens and bunnies. They even have a complete service that will deliver the eglu and chickens, ready to lay, direct to your house. They have two different eglus, one for rabbits and one for chickens. And both come in an array of colors. Omelet also sells a "run" that you can attach to the eglu that allows your bunny or chicken to run around without running away or getting eaten by mean things.

Omelet also has an interesting Breed Directory where you can browse the different breeds of chickens, rabbits, and ducks. The Netherland Dwarf is my favorite rabbit breed because they're the smallest. Hee hee. And below you can see an Orange Rex peeking around in his "run". So cute!
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Savvy Small Fry

Looking for cute stuff for your cute baby? Savvy Small Fry has an awesome collection of the cutest of the cute baby gear from all over the web. It's a great place to waste time and, if you don't have a baby, wish for one. Cuteness and linkness galore. Go check it out here!
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Georgie Love!
Hooray for Australia! Hooray for handmade! Hooray for Georgie Love, the online store based in Australia that sells handmade wonders! When I was notified about Georgie Love and went to peruse the website I fell instantly in love. Georgie Love has something for everyone and with a variety of different "looks" from different artists, the shop has that eclectic appeal. I like that! Pictured above are just a few of my favorites but everything is lovely. Go check it out for yourself here. Enjoy!!

From Top to Bottom: Hand-Painted Jewellery Hanger (Bird on Green Blossom Design) by Leila & Pacquita; Myxo Mob - Felix Von Schnapps by Beck Wheeler; Happy Sunflower Bag by Margaret Lilley; Button Necklace 4 by Studio Chapiz; Sausage Dog Badges by Studio Chapiz
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From one of my favorite design companies, Vitamin, I bring you the I.V. Plant Pot. It makes me giggle. With its tiny medical drip feed, the plant is able to be nourished with water and food as it is required. And it serves as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs to be "refed".

Also check out Vitmain's T-light, a pretty slab of china that exudes a glow and keeps your tea warm. And the Vitamin - Fruit Bowl, a fruit bowl that also has test tubes stored on its side for vitamin safe-keeping!
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These are so nifty! The Doorganizer (that name kinda makes me cringe) from The Container Store will be available in August. Looks like the perfect back-to-college-dorm trinket to me!
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The Light Pick
I think I'm starting to love the whole light-up, glow trend going on, and the Light Pick by Santa Cruz Light Wells might be one of the coolest blinky things around. It's a guitar pick (duh) that also works as a metronome. It's main feature is the ability to set it at different beats varying from 20-400 beats (blinks) per second. And it's available in different colors. Aweshum!

via Cool Hunting
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New at Delia's
Cute new Apple Dot bedding at Delia's. And I love the new Orb Light too. You can make fun of me if you want to, but I've always liked Delia's. Anybody else?

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Wallpaper From The 70's
If you know me at all you know I have a serious obsession with vintage patterns, especially those of vintage wallpapers. Therefore, Wallpaper From The 70's is paradise to me. Wallpaper from the 70's is a reproduction company that sells gorgeous wallpapers that aren't vintage but might as well be. You have to check out their collection and my favorite part, the gallery (sample images below.) Wallpaper From The 70's is one of my favorite go-to places for inspiration. Can you blame me?

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The Portable Lamp
I love the Portable Lamp by Sebastiaan Straatsma made from epoxy resin. See more pictures here. Also check out the Dust Collectors; also very cool.
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Font Creator!

Have you ever wanted to create a font? Now you can! There's this very cool program called Font Creator by High-Logic that allows you to "easily select and modify the entire character set of any TrueType® font and fonts based on OpenType® font technology. Features include the ability to convert (scanned) images to outlines, thus enabling you to create fonts with your own signature, logo and handwriting. The advanced validation features make the design process easy and help you avoid common mistakes."

I actually downloaded the free trial from here and tried it out. If you know nothing about font creation then the program is sort of daunting. But I only dabbled, so I'm sure with some time and practice you'd be making fonts in no time. How exciting! I plan to learn more about the program and eventually make my own fonts. Maybe I'll do it later today and I'll show you what I come up with!
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As many of you know, the previous edition of That's Hot was accidentally deleted (the horror!). Which means I lost a lot of important posts, like that of Wildgarden. So here it is again. :D

Wildgarden is the brand new online shop of two sisters in Australia who make beautiful silkscreened shirts and totes like those pictured above. Their elegant designs are made for "the simple and refined elegance of modern living." And that's exactly why I love them. Even better, each design is a limited edition of only 100, which means each shirt or tote is a special piece of art. They even give a part of their profit to UNICEF, so there's really nothing to not love about Wildgarden. I even love their logo! And right now they're celebrating the opening of their shop with a big sale of 10% off everything. So stop reading this and go check them out. I know you'll love them.
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Sprout Anew
I love some of the new stuff over at Sprout Home. Like the White Coral Candleholder and the Spun Vinyl Placemats. And the very cool Pewter Dot Bird Apartment. It's not a house! it's an apartment!
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New at Fred Flare



Looks like I'm not the only one discovering great jewelry. I'm in love with these two pieces new at Fred Flare: Vintage Hello Kitty Necklaces
icon (heavens!) and the exclusive Fred Flare Hot Shot! Camera Ring
icon. Yippy!!
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The Etsy Post
In case you don't know what Etsy is (where have you been?!), it's "an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade." And it's not very old, but it's grown as of late to be quite massive and impressive. There are some real treasures to be found at Etsy and I decided it was time I displayed then ones I've found (or that have been found by others and sent to me).

The first is Vladmaster, which sells Vladmasters, 'handmade viewmaster disks designed, photographed, and hand-assembled by Vladimir. They make use of toys, neglected household objects, and other miscellany to tell 28-picture stories.' How inventive can you get?! This is such an awesome idea I can't get over it! She also sells the viewmasters themselves, for viewing the Vladmaster, of course. She sells the disks in sets according to certain themes like "Fear + Trembling," "Italo Calvino Invisible Cities," and "The Public Life of Jeremiah Barnes", each of which has a story behind it. Very cool! But I think my favortie theme is "Franz Kafka Parable". See sample images here. I love it when art has a story behind it. But even more so I love brilliant people and if you go read the descriptions of each set, you'll know what I mean when I say Vladimir is brilliant. Etsy seems to think so too and recently interviewed her on her Vladmasters. Read the interview here.

Next is Studiostelle who sells amazing handmade purses with beautifully detailed appliques. My favorite is the one above. But she has tons more and they're all worth seeing.

Next is lusterbunny who makes gorgeous ceramic accessories like the pins above. And these rings!! And don't miss this chandelier necklace!

I also love Suuskeramiek's ceramic tapas (pictured above). And don't miss her other AMAZING items like these teacups and saucers! It's hard to believe these are handmade.

Can you say Holy Shitballs? How cool are these rings?! Daniel Maveal (aka PreciousPup) makes incredible jewelry like the rings above which are made out of sterling and acrylic! Really you just need to go see it all for yourself. She's definitely one of my favorites.

Etsy also sells art. One of my favs is Ashley (aka Kitty Genius) who makes these really cute pieces mostly done in ink (one of my fav mediums :D). I adore the one pictured above and this one, but honestly they're all fantastic and worth a drool or two.

Supercozy only has 2 items right now but I love them! They're silk-screened dishtowels like the one above. So great!

So it looks like the bird trend isn't going anywhere soon. Good! Because who can resist them? I know I can't. That's why I love Joom. She makes pillows like the one above and they're all couch-and-cuddle worthy. I want 10!

Ok so it looks like Etsy has nothing short of amazing. And I must say I'm very impressed (and extremely jealous). In fact I'm getting to work right after the post! But don't think this is the last you'll see of Etsy from me. There are SOO many more worth looking at and loving and owning. Yay!
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