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Claudine Hellmuth
When I think of collage, I think of Claudine Hellmuth. She is like THE collage artist of collage artists. And I've been a long time fan for several reasons. The first is because she basically taught me what it means to really make a collage (as opposed to the collages I did before Claudine, which consisted of magazine snippets pasted onto notebook paper in a linear fashion) through her first book, Collage Discovery Workshop, which is the best "how to collage" book out there. The second reason is because she is the source of my slight obsession with birds (specifically 'birds on heads' which I was quit infatuated with in 2004.). She was one of the first people out there, or that I noticed, that used birds in art. And in a way it almost seems like the whole trend stemmed from her. Or at least I remember staring at this piece for extended periods of time.
The third reason is because she's utterly beautiful. See here and here. I know this is a silly reason, but I'm silly. The next reason is because she has a new book out... Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexected. This second book "focuses on collage with an exciting, colorful and whimsical approach. There are 16 new collage techniques combining textures, photos, lettering and other hand drawn elements." She also sells DVD's and travels all over the place giving workshops on everything you'd need to know to collage like a pro. And I doubt there's anyone better to learn from. Like I said, she's THE collage artist. Check out her website here and blog here. And she sells many different items in her online shop here. And don't forget to look at her amazing "Poppet" collages and their original sketches. Inspiring!

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  • At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Sarah Jane said…

    I can see 'That's Hot' is gonna be trouble!...just ordered both collage books & am drooling over those rings!

  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Miz Carla said…

    Hi Katey
    I agree w/ everything you said about Claudine! She's such a gorgeous girl, both inside and out. I just love her.

    I also love your that's hot blog and am going to add you to my list on my blog ;)


  • At 8:09 PM, Blogger Deb said…

    You are so right about Claudine. And I'd like to add that she is a fantastic collage artist in person as well. So completely genuine and generous with her techniques and her time... I credit her with getting me started in my art career. All I can say is, I hope not only to be half the artists, but half the person she is as well. She enchants everyone she meets (or hasn't met)and she is a class act!
    Thanks for featuring her!


  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous rachel said…

    tons of cheers for claudine!!! i'm very lucky to own one of her poppets - she makes even me look good on a cloudy day w/an umbrella - LOVE it! truly a genuine person! love your blog, so happy i have discovered it! cheers, rachel

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