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Basically, That's Hot is a shopping blog featuring products and businesses that appeal to the modern woman and young at heart. It's a collection of finds that appeal to me as statements of good design. It is written as a reference and a source of inspiration and perhaps some glee. It's for you and it's for me (that rhymed, unintentionally. Woah! That rhymed too). So what can you expect to find at That's Hot? You'll probably see a lot of pink. A lot of innovation. Probably a lot of stuff designed in Japan. Maybe even some films and books. A cute hairdo or two. A lot of kitschy delight, I'm sure. And I hope you find something that you can't live without, that makes your day, and ultimately makes you giddy. That's my mission! Giddiness.

That's Hot is written by Katey Nicosia, owner of the online store, One Good Bumblebee. She also writes the One Good Bumblebee blog.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Paris Hilton nor do I ever say "that's hot" with a serious face.
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