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Bird Bank
An awesome chrome bird (piggy) bank. It not only looks cool but its full of money! This is going on my wishlist. Or it would if I had one. Get one at Lekker.
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Claudine Hellmuth
When I think of collage, I think of Claudine Hellmuth. She is like THE collage artist of collage artists. And I've been a long time fan for several reasons. The first is because she basically taught me what it means to really make a collage (as opposed to the collages I did before Claudine, which consisted of magazine snippets pasted onto notebook paper in a linear fashion) through her first book, Collage Discovery Workshop, which is the best "how to collage" book out there. The second reason is because she is the source of my slight obsession with birds (specifically 'birds on heads' which I was quit infatuated with in 2004.). She was one of the first people out there, or that I noticed, that used birds in art. And in a way it almost seems like the whole trend stemmed from her. Or at least I remember staring at this piece for extended periods of time.
The third reason is because she's utterly beautiful. See here and here. I know this is a silly reason, but I'm silly. The next reason is because she has a new book out... Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexected. This second book "focuses on collage with an exciting, colorful and whimsical approach. There are 16 new collage techniques combining textures, photos, lettering and other hand drawn elements." She also sells DVD's and travels all over the place giving workshops on everything you'd need to know to collage like a pro. And I doubt there's anyone better to learn from. Like I said, she's THE collage artist. Check out her website here and blog here. And she sells many different items in her online shop here. And don't forget to look at her amazing "Poppet" collages and their original sketches. Inspiring!

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I'm on a serious jewelry kick as of late. Either that or I just keep discovering great jewelry. And lookie what I just found! Switchring! Basically, each ring has two parts...a double sphered base and a wedge-shaped insert, and they're interchangable. Which means you can change the color and style of your ring. Yippy! Each packet has 4 different pieces for only $9.99. Hooray for Canadians! (Switchring was developed in Canada by Joop Inc.) They have many different styles including ones with patterns, animals, rhinestones, just plain colors, and more. Even their packaging is cool. Very cool. I just love the switchring. So much fun. Check it out here.
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Ok! To get over the big debacle of yesterday I decided to just forget about it for now and continue with the posting of pretty things. So for starters, here's Lazuli. I've had Lazuli bookmarked for a long time and have always loved their designs. Not sure if most of you know about them or not. But just in case you haven't seen their jewelry, here's a tempting preview. To see the rest of their large collection go here.

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Very Sad
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I've spent all day trying to figure out this blog. And I really don't have time to redesign the whole thing so for right now it's just gonna look like this :( I have so much to blog about too! I'm getting very sleepy so I'll have to wait and post tomorrow. Uh! I can't believe I deleted everything. Someone wanna design a template for me? I can't stand using a generic blogger template. Ewww!
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I love mail! So if you would like to see a product or business featured on That's Hot, please e-mail me with the link to the item (or business) and any other information you'd like to include. I will contact you if I'm interested.

So what am I interested in?
I like things that most people don't know about. Things that are new, well-designed, interesting, and fun. I love straight lines and simplicity. I like curvy things and color. I like vintage and new. Basically, if it's interesting and well-designed, and most importantly, if it appeals to me, then I'll post about it. You never know. So just tell me about it, already!
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Basically, That's Hot is a shopping blog featuring products and businesses that appeal to the modern woman and young at heart. It's a collection of finds that appeal to me as statements of good design. It is written as a reference and a source of inspiration and perhaps some glee. It's for you and it's for me (that rhymed, unintentionally. Woah! That rhymed too). So what can you expect to find at That's Hot? You'll probably see a lot of pink. A lot of innovation. Probably a lot of stuff designed in Japan. Maybe even some films and books. A cute hairdo or two. A lot of kitschy delight, I'm sure. And I hope you find something that you can't live without, that makes your day, and ultimately makes you giddy. That's my mission! Giddiness.

That's Hot is written by Katey Nicosia, owner of the online store, One Good Bumblebee. She also writes the One Good Bumblebee blog.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Paris Hilton nor do I ever say "that's hot" with a serious face.
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Could someone please shoot me in the head? I somehow managed to delete my entire blog. And I got so annoyed with Yahoo and Wordpress that I decided to start all over again on something free and easy. So bear with me while I recreate That's Hot! :(
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blah bla blah
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