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New RSS Feed!
Hey! I was just informed that there are still 77 of you that are subscribed to the RSS Feed of this blog. But we've moved and have a NEW RSS FEED! If you'd like to continue reading this blog, please change your subscription to the one at our new location. You can subscribe by clicking right here. Thanks!
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I moved!
Ok I did it! That's Hot has moved to Typepad. Please update your links to our new home found here. :D
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Ah! Blogger Coding! I want my Typepad!
Yes I know this blog looks lopsided and deformed and the comments dont even work. That's because I don't know blogger and I dont have time to get to know blogger. And Typepad has spoiled me. I want my categories! I want my automatic google-map thingy, I want to host pictures with my blog, I want!

Typepad, very trustful Typepad, is looking VERY tempting right now. I just might have to move over there. Yes, move this blog AGAIN! I mean, I know Typepad very well. I've been using it for my other blog for three years without any problems. It's so easy! I'm just trying to figure out how to start a second blog on the same account or if that's even possible. And since Typepad does everything for you, and I'm so busy these days, it looks like Typepad is the way to go. It won't be a big deal moving over there except that this blog's address will change which is definitely annoying. But I know that once I'm there I'll stay there and I'll feel cozy and at home.

And it totally unrelated news, go check out these shoes designed by Eleanor Grosch. Ah! Cutest.
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More pet coolness. How awesome are these? Popoutz are little bird feeders made from recyclable plastic. They're packaged flat and "pop out" when you open them, ready to be filled with birdie food. They also come in different shapes and sizes. See them here.

via Design*Sponge, via NOTCOT
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Poketo now sells bags! Yep, that's right. Now you can get a bag to match your cool wallet. The bags look roomy and perfect for someone like me that likes to carry all of my possesions around. They're made of canvas and have bold graphics made by different artists. There are two sizes: small and large and come in black or natural. Some are totes and others are messengers. I'm really loving the one on the top right in the image above which features a graphic by Miki Amano. The top left is a tote with a graphic by Katharina Leuzinger. She also did the graphic on the bottom right tote (love her). Bottom Left: Messenger with graphic by PCP.

I love Poketo! They not only sell great products like these bags and their award-winning wallets (I don't know if they're really award-winning, but they should be.) and apparel but it's just a great source to find new artists. And the Poketo people (aka Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung) have great taste! I'm a fan.
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My Japan Obsession
Do you love Japan? Me too! I just wrote a post on my other blog, One Good Bumblebee, about some fun Japan blogs. Check it out here.
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Lille Hus
Get something pretty at Lille Hus, an online shop selling beautiful Scandinavian products like the Tea Light Holders and Hand-painted Canisters above. They put me in my happy place! Sigh.
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